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GFWC Community Service Program Committees (CSPs)


Who might be a good fit to serve on the various CSP Committees?  Anyone passionate about the topic as described below and willing to help plan a Club project(s); coordinate speakers; and/or host a community outreach event.


Oversight of CSPs falls with the 1st Vice President 


Arts & Culture

Primary Responsibilities of the Committee:  The Arts & Culture Committee encourages members to promote, support, and participate in all forms of artistic expression. Designed to inspire BEWC members to create programs and projects that encompass the visual arts, music, dance, drama, theatre, and other arts-related areas — both traditional and innovative. They service the community to help raise awareness, or volunteer to help agencies that promote art education.


Community Engagement & Outreach

Primary Responsibilities of the Committee: The Community Engagement & Outreach Committee (CE&O) is a community-service group designed to inform and involve members, as volunteers, with issues and outside organizations that affect the well-being of individuals, families, and community.  CE&O develops and implements projects to increase awareness, prevention, research, and to address the issues of hunger and homelessness.  


Domestic & Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention

Primary Responsibilities of the Committee:  The goal of this GFWC Signature Program is to increase awareness of and help prevent the widespread occurrence of domestic abuse in communities across the Nation by working with national domestic violence networks, supporting existing activities, working with various established programs, and initiating educational opportunities for club members and local citizens. This CSP has eight areas of focus: campus sexual assault; child abuse; elder abuse; human trafficking for sexual purposes; intimate partner violence; military sexual assault; teen dating violence; violence against Native American women. 


Education & Libraries

Primary Responsibilities of the Committee: This committee with its members promote education in both children and adults. Projects in the Education & Libraries CSP are designed to foster schools, as well as other educational institutions and opportunities, and to promote libraries, literacy, and the love of a good book. The Committee also oversees the process of awarding BEWC scholarships to women who needs a lift.



Primary Responsibilities of the Committee: The Environment Committee is designed to help members gain an appreciation of our environment and the ways we can help conserve our natural resources. The committee strives to educate members about the importance of beautifying our communities; preserving, maintaining, conserving, and restoring natural resources; and stimulating citizen action to address these concerns. Our natural resources include, but are not limited to, water, trees, plants, air, land, and wildlife. 


Health & Wellness

Primary Responsibilities of the Committee: The Health & Wellness committee is responsible for identifying women’s health issues and addressing them within the club and the community. The Committee also partners with outside agencies to help raise awareness, or volunteer to help agencies that address broader women’s health and wellness initiatives.


Club-Related Committees



Who might be a good fit: Someone outgoing, cheerful, likes people, a true recruiter, and it doesn’t hurt to have a member with good technical skills.

Primary Responsibilities of the Committee: The Membership Committee is responsible for managing the membership of the NWC: the official membership files, the process of acquiring and training new members, the renewal of current members, and helping members find volunteer assignments within the Club.  Members of the committee are asked to help in the registration and welcoming process of the General Meetings from October to April and host the Prospective Member Teas in November and January.  



Who might be a good fit: Anyone who likes to plan “fun” events, likes marketing, and has great organizational and logistic skills. 

Primary Responsibilities of the Committee: This committee will assist the Vice Presidents and Community Service Programs to coordinate fundraising events throughout the year and helping to plan for subsequent years. These events will raise money to support the various programs the BEWC has approved.



Who might be a good fit: Anyone with Philanthropy giving experience, grants, and enjoy searching the viability of a charitable organizations.

Primary Responsibilities of the Committee: The Philanthropy Committee develops a process for vetting charitable organizations and to ensure alignment with the Club’s mission, vision, and values. 


Treasury / Finance

Who might be a good fit:  Some who enjoys bookkeeping, working with figures, planning budgets, and managing costs.

Primary Responsibilities of the Committee: The Treasury Committee assists the Treasurer with the management of the financial transactions and the reporting of BEWC finances. Members of the committee help the fundraising committee prepare and manage budgets, fill out proper forms, and handle credit card processing or other payment issues. The committee works with the Treasurer to prepare taxes, tax receipts, audit materials, and provide a monthly report(s) to the membership.


Digital Media and Communications 

Today, communication truly takes on all tactical forms – visual, written, digital, and audible. To become more efficient and resourceful, a strong communication strategy needs to be developed and executed, one that employs all these forms to effectively engage the members.

Primary Responsibility of the Committee: Develop a Communications Strategy that works best for the membership. Do they respond best to emails, social media outlets, or a personal phone call?  Shape content that will educate, inform, and inspire current members as well as prospective new members. The Committee prepares and shares external and internal communications on behalf of the Club. They are responsible for creating any advertising copy the organization requires and for preparation of newsletters, announcements for club meetings and special activities. Responsibilities are divided among several members.



Social Media

Primary role is to send out communications through social outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to document, advance and expand the philanthropic reach of the Naples Woman’s Club. She will also send newsletters and reminder eblasts to members through Constant Contact.


Club Writer/Editor 

Primary role is to edit and provide content for all Club communications and digital media. The ideal candidate will be a good wordsmith and have good editing skills.


Public Relations/Publicity 

Primary role is to promote the Club with press releases to local newspapers, radio stations, to GFWC Florida’s newsletter -- “GFWC Florida Clubwoman”


Club Photographer

This person would attend most all meeting and events taking photographs to assist in properly promoting club activities to our members as well as the public.


Website Administration 

This Member will be the main Administrator of the Chapter’s Website. Ensuring membership has access to the Members Only area, that members information is not exposed to the public, and fixing glitches as they occur. Other duties will be to maintain and update pages on site on a continuous basis to ensure the site is up to date. 



Who might be a good fit: Those social “butterflies” who like planning “ladies night out” or fun events that can be used to bring members together. 

Primary Responsibilities of the Committee:  The Social Committee plans events for BEWC members and their guests throughout the year to network, expand social circles, and just have fun. Events generally are “pay your own way” or have nominal fees. This committee develops and manages unique and exciting options to pique all members’ interests. Committee members also help greet members at the monthly General Meetings as needed.


Community Outreach

Who might be a good fit: Social workers, counselors, current volunteers, or anyone who would like to go out into the community and find organizations the Club can serve.  

Primary Responsibilities of the Committee: Members of the Club are active volunteers in the community. The Community Outreach Committee develops and coordinates activities to outside organizations that need volunteer support, such as food banks, soup kitchens, school libraries, English as a second language tutors, etc. This committee would also work with CSP Chairs to collect needed supplies for service organizations.


GFWC Liaison

Who might be a good fit: Those who enjoy the government side of the GFWC organization and sharing BEWC news with GFWC and GFWC Florida.

Primary Responsibilities for the Committee: The GFWC Liaison committee is responsible for communication between NWC and the district, state and National GFWC plus relaying pertinent GFWC information to our club members. This committee also submits events to the GFWC newsletter.


We hope you have found something your “heart desires” to serve within our Club, but if not, rach out to your President, Josie Guenther, so we can work together to find where you’ll shine

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